Ranch Weddings

Ranch lifestyle is a tradition, a culture that is rooted in the history of our country. It’s an iconic thing to be a cowboy. We want to keep that feeling, that culture, alive.

McFarland Productions specializes in professional photography and videography for ranch and farm weddings and engagement sessions. Telling your story should express your lifestyle and preserve your family’s and your love story’s priceless and unique history. 

Promoting the agriculture industry and preserving the western way of life is a passion of ours; telling the love stories of our clients who live that lifestyle is our specialty. We create photos and videos to capture the important, beautiful, timeless memories of your engagement and/or wedding. We hope that the images and video that we create for your big day become a family heirloom and are enjoyed by you, your children, your children’s children, your children’s children’s children… you get the point. After the wedding day is over, the cake (or pie… we love pie) is gone, the cleanup is over and real married life begins, we want to make sure you can relive that special day again and again through the images and/or video that capture your day beginning to end. We hope you pick up a photograph and remember that crazy dance move your uncle was making or how you felt running from your fiance who has a hand full of cake and is bound and determined to get pay backs. We hope you cry tears of joy when you see the images and video of the tears in father of the bride’s eyes during the father daughter dance (yes, we secretly cry during that dance behind our cameras every time… might be tearing up now thinking about it). Our hope for you is that you will be able to relive it.

We picked ranch weddings because we feel there is no better way to live. There is no better culture. There are no better people than those who love and live the agriculture lifestyle. We grew up that way too. We live that way now. We dedicate our work to keeping the western way of life alive told through weddings and (as you may have seen when you arrived on our site) promoting agriculture companies. We tell stories; we make connections. We know that you are inviting us into one of the most personal, important, memorable days of your lives. We feel honored you might have us and we want to tell it how it really was and get to know you in the process of doing that.

While we are based in Southwestern Oregon, we love traveling all over this great nation and all over the world. We have been blessed to work in so many states all over the US. Seeing all those ranches, being a part of your story, its a huge part of why we do what we do.



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We call the Pacific Northwest Home, but we would love to see where you are from!

McFarland Productions travels all over the world providing photography and cinematography for weddings and engagements. We’re based in Oregon, but born to travel. In fact, seeing ranches around the world is one of the things that we love most about our jobs – we’re proud to have been to all 50 states!