Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

The Cugley wedding was hands down one of the most gorgeous wedding events I have ever been apart of.  Even if I wrote a book to explain the gorgeousness of Matt and Libby’s big day, I don’t feel that I would be able to express how beautifully eclectic it was.  Wow, was it one of a kind!

The location alone was a photographer’s dream!  I had my choice of backdrops that were never ending, and all equally as appealing.  The gorgeous countryside of Melrose, OR combined with all of the unique attributes of the venue location created such a majestic feel.  One of my favorite moments captured, was the groom’s Ford pickup that was in the perfect tone of turquoise to match the style that the Cugley’s were striving for.  The Ford brought an even more meaningful symbol to the day, as it was the truck they took on their first date and also on the date where he proposed. This amazing element successfully captured “something old” – however, I think we re-vamped it into something extremely memorable, unique, and fabulous!

Libby was a such a stunning and vivacious bride with every single detail perfected.  From her elegant vintage style dress, down to her bouquet, every detail was meticulous and on point.    The theme of vibrant colors, and splashes of turquoise was carried throughout the day, and methodically mirrored through the brides attire all the way down to her jaw-dropping cowboy boots.  They were a gorgeous combination of textured alligator skin and soft leather. Personally, I’m a cowboy boot lover (no surprise there!) so they were a HUGE eyecatcher for me… I would have captured them in every picture if it were possible!  The most striking combination was when they were captured inside the old turquoise Ford with Libby and Matt in the background. What a perfect way to incorporate “something blue”.

The long-distance shots of the bride and groom looking out of the barn from afar with perfect light was a beautiful summarization of the day:  true love, happiness, and an old fashioned styled romance. Between the gorgeous bride, handsome groom, and all of the swoon worthy details they successfully were able to incorporate – this wedding will go down as one of my favorites of all time.  My summary won’t ever be able to do the day justice – but you’ll just have to take my word for it. It was amazing. Thank you, Libby and Matt, for letting me be apart of your day. It was truly my pleasure.



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