McFarland Production Crew


Natalie McFarland

Owner & Founder
Photographer & Videographer

Kevin McFarland


Stephanie Furlong

Lead Wedding Specialist
Photographer & Videographer

Ashley Kendall

Photographer & Operations


We tell love stories the cowboy way 




Ranch life, horses, love stories and the cowboy culture are my passion

 I love documenting ranch weddings. Capturing the combination of people and places and perfect moments in time is also what makes wedding photography and videography so rewarding. Two people. One heart. One mind. One moment. Ranch weddings are truly unique. Celebrating the lifestyle and the love between two people, two teammates, soulmates. A tip of the hat to heritage and generations. I love… love. I love creating photos & videos of a glance, a suggested move translated with a slight shift, or light touch. Instant. Subtle. Powerful. I love capturing real life, real love and how it felt to be there.

Being able to give back and work with the cowboy and ranching community through photography, cinematography and providing marketing services is my way of staying connected through my work. It gives me the opportunity to help preserve this precious way of life.







Being a ranch wife myself, I have a passion to capture our couples in a way that best represents their lifestyle and their love for each other.
I have always been described as a romantic. An optimist. I love celebrating people’s love. I think back to my own wedding and it was only the beginning. It was a celebration of family and what has been, but it was also a celebration of what was to come. A new forever partnership. Going from “you” and “me” to “us”. I love helping capture that, especially for ranching families. My husband and I are ranchers, and I know the undeniable bond that creates. You don’t know you love someone like you do after you work livestock together-as in…if you still love them after you’re done, you REALLY love them! And that love is so pure, genuine. There is something really special about hard work and passion being the backbone of a couple, and you just see that with western weddings. There is nothing like it. My goal is to always capture the candid moment, the true love in the simple things you do. I am proud to be a part of this team and I am happy to give people something to look back on for the rest of their lives, to pass down to the next generations of cowboys and cowgirls, and hopefully keep the tradition of family and hard work and the western way of life alive.



I love capturing when the western ways of life and true love come together 

I am that person who still tears up at every wedding when the groom see’s his bride for the first time. I also am that person who smiles from ear to ear when I see your ranch dogs coming down the isle as apart of your big day.

I strive to capture all the big moments of your special day as well as all the smaller details that often get overlooked yet are so meaningful. I enjoy ranch wedding primarily because I know the bond that ranching can make, not only with your significant other but also as a family. 
The Cowboy Culture is something I hold near and dear to my heart and I have a deep passion for being able to shoot anything related. When I am not photographing ranch weddings you can find me working horses with my family on our ranch in Prineville, Oregon or behind the lens at a rodeo.
I’m incredibly proud to be apart of the McFarland Productions team and honored to be able to pause the western ways of life for you to pass down from generation to generation.